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Simplicity meets flexibility

Select and purchase Azure Reserved VM Instances in three easy steps—specify your Azure region, virtual machine type, and term (one year or three years)—that's it.

While Azure Reserved Instances require making upfront commitments on compute capacity, they also provide flexibility should your business needs change. Easily exchange or cancel reserved instances at any time.

  • Exchange Azure RIs across any region and any series as your workload or application needs change.
  • Cancel an Azure RI at any time and return the remaining months of a reserved instance back to Microsoft - up to the yearly limit - for an early termination fee.

Azure Reserved Instances can be assigned at the enrollment or subscription level, so you can manage reserved instance usage at an organizational or individual department level. Assignments are easy to change post-purchase also.

Automation and choice with instance size flexibility

Your business and applications requirements continuously evolve. Committing to a specific VM size ahead of time - to take advantage of the price discounts that Azure Reserved Instances offer - can be limiting.

Simplify and automate the management of Azure RIs. Now, your Azure Reserved Instances are even more adaptable. Azure can automatically apply these RIs to other VM sizes within the same group and region. As a result, you will spend less time managing your RIs. You may also be able to realize cost savings. Let Azure manage your reserved instances and spend more time on innovative projects that can fuel business growth.

In line with our promise to make RIs simpler and more flexible than any other cloud provider, this benefit applies to both Windows and Linux VMs.